Not a feathered friend

Birds are low to mid-level monsters that use strong magic attacks. A high magic resistance is desired whilst fighting them.




  • Level: 20
  • Hp: 450
  • Xp: 5000
  • Str: 35
  • Dex: 38
  • End: 50
  • Int: 12
  • Unique
  • Drops one Lavabird feather killed, which can be sold to the Tailor in the City of Eldfell for 15,000 coins.

Emerald BirdEdit


  • A strong Magic Resistance helps to reduce damage from spells.
  • Use poison resistance when facing Emerald birds.
  • Birds are quite vulnerable to melee attacks so the Paralyze spell can help you get close to them without sustaining much damage.

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