Cyclops Enemy

Cyclops in the Pit of Blood

Cyclopses are tough one-eyed giants who pack a mean punch


A Cyclops uses direct physical damage and an innate ability to Paralyze.

The Quest Original GameEdit


  • Level: 14
  • Hp: 270
  • Xp: 1500
  • Str:49, Dex:36, End:42, Int:7

Cave CyclopsEdit

  • Level: 16
  • Hp: 480
  • Xp: 2700
  • Str:56, Dex:41, End:48, Int:7

location : cave in silver peak area

Islands of Ice and FireEdit

Ancient Cyclops are found on Thule around the Ice Lake.

Ancient CyclopsEdit

  • Level: 20
  • Hp: 550
  • Xp: 6000
  • Str: 65, Dex: 50, End: 55, Int: 14


  • Cyclopses are 2 stories tall, so try to retreat to a corridor where they won't be able to follow you if you need to retreat
  • A high Resist Paralysis and Armor Class will assist
  • It has been reported that: "there is a really small chance that a Cave Cyclops will drop 10,000 gold on their death. When they are nearly dead, save the game and load until it drops"

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