Elsibeta's Locket Quest is a quest given to you by Elsibeta in the City of Mithria. In this quest you have to find a missing locket in the Drain of Mithria.


  • Talk to Elsibeta in the southwest part of Mithria.
  • Go to the nearby drain and enter it. The drain is where the stream of water at the south of Mithria ends.

The DrainEdit

  • There are Venom Bats, Werebats, and Bloody Skeletons in the Drain of Mithria. At the points where no water trail is existent there are poisonous bogs.
  • Follow the water trail to the end to find Elsibeta's Locket.
  • If you go past the poisonous bogs there are additional water trails with items in the water in various places, including rope, some herbs, rotten food, weapons and armor, and a few coins.


  • Talk to Elsibeta with the locket in hand. You get a kiss and an increase in fame.

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