• Mysterious Man in Skryven Keep - The Tower gives you this quest
  • Go to Port of Mithria
  • Go to the western side where Captain Hanty is. There will be two Suspicious Men there. One of them can clear your criminal records for a price; that is not the right person. (You can tell it's the wrong person if the talk dialogue has an option for "the price on your head".) If you try to get information from that person, he will swindle you with false information and disappear forever. You need to talk to the other Suspicious Man (the talk dialogue does not have "the price on your head") and ask about the Governer's castle. He will ask for $5000 gold. You can get him to do it for $2500. With high Persuade (~55) he do it for $1000. Be ready because he will send you to the Sunken Island as soon as you pay him.

Sunken IslandEdit

  • When you arrive at the Sunken Island, you will need to kill a bunch of skeleton guards. (pick up any old stale and rotten food you may find- you'll need it later on).
  • You probably will notice a hole in the ground that says, "Strong magic prevents you from entering."
  • Find an indoor undead NPC called Wawirr. He lives on the east side of the house that looks like the letter "H" on your map.
    • He wants you to pay to enter the hole. He won't accept gold, you must give up more! You need to give up 2 points of one of your attributes (unless you are an Undead).
  • Climb down into the hole to Underground Passage. After you find your way to the end, go up the ladder and go in to Citadel of Mithria - First Floor. No one is behind any of the doors.
  • You may want to save your game or mark somewhere inside because if you accidently go out of the castle...

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