Lost soul

A ghost is a floating enemy that specializes in ranged magical attacks.


Ghost Edit

The Damned Edit

Lost Soul Edit

Abandoned OneEdit

The Unnamed Edit


Undead ServantEdit

Undead KingEdit

  • Level: 18
  • Hp: 666
  • Xp: 5000
  • Unique
  • Found in Pit of Hell
  • The Undead King and the Dragon King give the most experience for a monster in the main game.
  • The Undead King and the Dragon are tied for the second-highest level in the main game.
  • The Undead King holds the record for the most HP for a monster in the main game.

Varieties from Ice and FireEdit

Mine ReaperEdit

  • Level: 20
  • Hp: 580
  • Xp: 7500
  • Str: 35, Dex: 40, End: 45, Int: 15
  • Found in the Sulphur Peak Mines.


  • Ghosts will shoot red skulls at you doing magical damage. A high Magic Resistance will render you almost invulnerable to all Ghost damage.

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