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The Holy man in the caves under the Monastery of Vastares needs your help killing two parent Evil Eyes!

Note: You will need 25 Mind Magic in order to receive this quest.

Note: You will also need high magic resistance. Buy potions, recharge wands, or even enchant some armor.

Note: Also take some cleansing remedies. There could be a lot of paralysis.

Starting Edit

  • Talk to Holy Man about "Lurking evil" and ask how can you help.
  • Right after that dialogue it is highly advisable to save the game.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Upon speaking to the Holy Man he will ask you to cleanse his cave of some Winged Eye and Evil Eye monsters. There are two wings in his cave - northern and southern. Each of the wings contains 1-2 Winged Eye monsters and 1 pentagram portal.
  • Stand next to southern wing entrance (and save again!), cast/drink some magic resistance amplifiers and go inside.
  • Bypass the Winged Eyes and take the portal to the Other Dimension.
  • Kill the Evil Eye in the sub level and then return and kill the corresponding Winged Eyes in both wings.
  • Return to Holy Man, report about success.

Reward Edit

Notes Edit

  • Killing the Winged Eyes first causes the Evil Eyes to become stronger and the portals to close, ending the chance to complete the quest.
  • Tip: You can first go into the north portal just to pick up a wand of great fireball (lvl 60) with 10 charges. It won't be possible to pick him up once the portals are closed.

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