Long Spit Village - East

A map of Long Spit Village - East

Long Spit Village - East is in the central part of Freymore.

Silver Forest - Western Region
West Long Spit Village - West Long Spit Village - East Garden of Long Spits East


  • A goblin NPC, Waheetu, the Goblin Elder, who starts the Kill the Witch Queen Quest.
  • A goblin NPC, Mareeyt, who organizes the Beer Festival. If you are enrolled as a judge, you can ask about "Your free beers" and they will give you 5 potions of Black Beer.
  • Two bookstands, with a How to Coax Book and the fiction book The Goblin Pony.
  • A goblin NPC, Wakamee the Goblin Chief, who you are to kill in the Poison the Goblin Chief Quest.


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