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Orc Shaman Enemy

An Orc Shaman up close (where you want them)

Green-skinned tough enemies encountered between Matras and Vastares



  • Level 5
  • Hp: 100
  • Xp: 200
  • Str: 14, Dex:11, End:14, Int:5
  • Physical contact damage

Orc ShamanEdit

  • Level 6
  • Hp: 120
  • Xp: 250
  • Str: 17, Dex:13, End:16, Int:5
  • Magic Missile damage

Orc ChieftainEdit

  • Level 8
  • Hp: 140
  • Xp: 300
  • Str: 23, Dex:17, End:22, Int:6
  • Physical contact damage

Orc WorkerEdit

  • Level: 12
  • Hp: 200
  • Xp: 300
  • Physical contact damage


  • Orcs have a lot of Hit Points so bring plenty of healing potions to their areas.

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