Question the Lord of Mithria who is held prisoner in Skryven Keep and bring a written confession to the mysterious man that the Lord conspired to kill the governor.

Starting Edit

  • Talk to The Mysterious Man, ask "About you". Man will ask you to go downstairs and question two prisoners in the basement.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Go to the basement of the tower, get rid of the web and open the door.
  • Talk to Lord Drengi. He says he's innocent and that the Mysterious Man set him up. You have two choises here:
    • Believe him and let go. Your fame will be increased.
    • Don't believe him and force to give the confession. Your fame will be decreased.
  • Return to the Mysterious Man and tell about your decision.
    • If you let the Lord to escape, this quest will be failed.
    • If you give the confession to the Man, quest will be completed and you will get 750 gold.

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