Rasvim Character Screen

The Rasvim are a race available to players when creating their characters. They are unique amongst the other races available to be selected because they are composed entirely of Undead beings. This allows them to use Undead Magic, but they do not have access to Heal Magic in turn. The Rasvim are not highly liked among villagers and many villagers will not respond with a polite responce when a player playing as a Rasvim approaches them. Villagers have been known to not talk to a player that is a Rasvim.


"Rasvim Also known as the undead. The Rasvim are capable of becoming fierce warriors or dark mages. They have high resistances to poison and infection, but are vulnerable to spell based damage".

Racial TraitsEdit

  • +5 strength
  • -5 Dexterity
  • +10 Intelligence
  • -5 Personality
  • +50% Poison Resistance
  • +50% Disease Resistance
  • -50% Magic Resistance
  • Unholy Word Spell

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