School warriors
School map

Building located at Pinegate - Western Shore.

Sathenea is the leader of the school. She trains young fighters for the Crown. Usually she only takes a referral from Bojorner, the retired professional mercenary and her old best friend. But if you have high Persuade skill you wont need his recomendations.

Walkthrough Edit

  • This is not a quest in fact. You just need to prove worthy to Sathenea.
  • Enter the central door inside the building to meet Sathenea.
  • Ask her about herself, "about the school", and if you persuasive enough, she will talk about "Training". You will be offered to choose the opponent:
    • Neophyte: "requires good intelligence".
    • Dedicant: "requires high dexterity".
    • Student: "the toughes one, requires great strength".
  • Upon making the choise you will be teleported to Battle Arena. You are allowed to use everything to win. Fight!
  • After defeating the opponent, climb up and speak to Sathenea again. You will be offered one more roung with the same opponent for doubling gold reward.
    • Accept. Fight again and get:
      • 400 gold;
      • Potion of Ultimate fortify dexterity;
      • Potion of Ultimate fortify endurance;
      • Potion of Ultimate fortify magic;
      • Potion of Strong healing;
      • Potion of Strong restore mana.
    • Deny. Get:
      • 200 gold;
      • Potion of Permanent strength (+1 Strength); (ONLY IF DENIED!)
      • Potion of Ultimate fortify dexterity;
      • Potion of Ultimate fortify endurance.
  • After that you can ask Sathenea why she looks "Troubled" and get the Help Lord Solamar Quest.

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