I changed the base layout of the page for the quest to still be useful to those who do not wish to be given any spoilers. I feel like this would be a more efficient way to display the information to players.

Let me know if you like this base layout and I will continue to edit the quests I document accordingly.

Quest changesEdit

When I first read this I thought "Nooooooooooooo!!!!!! i like the way quests are laid out!".. but then I saw how nicely you've formatted this quest I realized I'm totally cool with you doing that. You've done a wonderful job on this page. Keep up this excellent work!

P.S. I jsut wanted to make sure you knew of the jumbo world map that you can get to from the Main Page. It took me weeks to make it, and it's fantastic for cropping and marking to make a "all waypoints for this quest" map.

Evildonald An admin of 13:29, June 29, 2010 (UTC)

Great! Edit

Now that I got your "thumbs-up" I will convert the others I've done so far, and will continue to document whatever other quests I go through the same way.

As for the map, I too cleared out much of the map same as you have done for precisely the same reason since I started the Journeyman's guide in Playhaven. I don't forsee me doing much work in terms of quest walkthroughs, though. Most of my efforts related to quests will be to document dialogue and the like. The only real map use I will likely go into will be for the enumerated Region Maps that I have started to load up.

In any case, I will keep it in mind for future usage. Glad to hear my edits are helpfull.